Case studies and wireless management considerations 

Fine Tuning Wireless and IoT Operations

In our experience, strong change control processes are the acid test of effective wireless management. Without strong change control, your employees will struggle in meeting their goals. Specifically, you may see the following symptoms of poor change control.

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NHA Eliminates Desk Swivel & is Audit Ready

NHA wanted to take a proactive approach to be prepared for an audit, at anytime. SimplifyWireless by its nature tracks all spend and device inventory and is audit-ready from day one of implementation.

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The importance of source-data and KPIs in your enterprise wireles...

Our team here at Simplify Wireless loves data, and we qualify our actions by using custom KPIs to benchmark our performance. This helps us understand where we are, and where we want to go. It is one of the biggest drivers of change in our organization, and the organizations that we work with. **SPOILER ALERT:: it also tends to be one of the least utilized sets by a whole big number of enterprises that are wrestling with chaotic wireless ecosystems. **

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Switching To a New Telecom Carrier Is NOT The Solution

Businesses and governments waste millions every year on excessive hardware spending and unused wireless services.

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Responsible Wireless Management for Federal, Provincial and Munic...

Every year, government auditors review the activities, spending and management processes used by municipal, provincial and federal governments across Canada.

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The Wireless Coordinator – The Unsung Hero

In all my years working with large wireless fleets there has always been one common denominator; the Wireless Coordinator.

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How Enterprise Mobility Data Can Stave Off Employee Fraud

A long long time ago, offices were full of land-lines and employees smoking at their desks. Managing phone-use was easy: you looked 5 desks to the left, and checked if Sam was on the phone with his wife for the 5th time.

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The Evolution of Wireless Enterprise; How did we get here?

When we first started in the wireless business, life was simple. 20 years ago, it was purchase a device and a monthly rate plan; that was it. Today, it is not so simple.

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CBI Health Group Tames Wireless Costs

CBI was experiencing challenges properly overseeing its growing fleet of computers, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices using the traditional asset and wireless management tools. In addition CBI was experiencing inefficiencies in managing all of their devices as well as, in their view, excessive telecom expenses.

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Government of Alberta Case Study

This case study will review the challenges one particular governments experienced and how Simplify Wireless changed everything.

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Unlimited data helps businesses keep moving

How business-grade mobile solutions help make teams more productive and costs more predictable

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How Bell and Farmers Edge are creating precision agriculture with...

Precision agriculture gives farmers unprecedented control over their growing operations. Rich data collected through sensor networks provide insight into everything from plant health and equipment performance to weather impacts and topographical variations. Armed with those kinds of analytics, farmers can improve crop performance, boost yields and use equipment and resources more efficiently.

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Rogers 5G expands to 11 new markets across Québec, including Bros...

Québec’s most reliable 5G network1 now reaches over 90 communities across the province

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BlackBerry Spark: The standard for endpoint security and manageme...

Meet the broadest set of security capabilities, management tools and visibility for people, devices, networks, applications and automation

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