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We solve big challenges for enterprise clients and deliver a solid ROI everytime

SimplifyWireless is a Toronto-based solution provider for governments and enterprises seeking to control IoT and wireless costs. We are long-time industry professionals with an ambition to simplify business-to-business wireless e-commerce for all major wireless carriers. Our leadership team has over 30 years of experience in software development and mobility management, providing the unique two-headed capability to make SimplifyWireless possible.

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Our deep experience in the ordering and fulfillment process gave us a unique insight into the challenges businesses and governments face. Today’s typical scattershot approach in managing wireless and IoT focuses on IT initiatives and telecom expense management. Yet large organizations continue to struggle operationally with the end-to-end challenges of wireless.

Today’s high-touch managed mobility services are too expensive for most organizations, leaving them without a proper operations approach and set of policies that can be shared across the enterprise. This realization led us to create SimplifyWireless and our mission to help large organizations help themselves.

Our Customers

The ideal platform for any organization that needs to manage a mobility fleet, including dealers and TEM providers


Our Experts

Our team of mobility experts are ready to expedite the installation process and support you far into the future


Our Carrier Partners

We work closely with all major Canadian wireless carriers to take their wireless services to the next level


Take your time and grow with SimplifyWireless

Deploy our services at your own pace. All it takes is your wireless bill to get started. From there you can add features and provide access to others when you are ready.

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