SimplifyWireless also offers professional services to get more out of our technology

Every mobility environment is different. There is just too much complexity and overlapping of services. SimplifyWireless bridges this gap by providing professional services that help customers adapt our platform to their technology. Behind the SimplifyWireless technology is a team of software developers that have been producing software solutions for the Canadian wireless B2B mobility space since 1999. SimplifyWireless is a business mobility self-serve tool, and e-ordering is another solution offered by all three of Canada’s major wireless providers. The SimplifyWireless software development team consists of SME, BA, PM, and software developer disciplines that are familiar with the wireless process and your carrier’s wireless solutions.

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The professional services we provide

Development and industry professionals ready to solve all your wireless needs

SimplifyWireless provides professional services to help customers adapt our platform to their existing technology services and take full advantage of the best practices we have gained in the business mobility space.

Expedite the installation process

Customers that are new to SimplifyWireless still need to input their user and department assignments in the platform. For larger fleets that have tens of thousands of devices, the time required to capture and input these entries can seem like an endless task. We can expedite this process by working with you to organize and capture the best data possible from your various systems and vendors, and upload this data to the application. The sooner we clean up your data, the sooner you can enjoy mobility governance and savings.

Get policy and process recommendations

If you are new to wireless management, learning all the ins and outs of your role can be daunting. Customers that use SimplifyWireless must still develop wireless policies for the employees and process documentation for the administrators. The SimplifyWireless is here to help you understand what policies work and do not work. At a frequency of your choosing, our team can provide recommendations on how best to achieve savings based on your mobility and expense patterns. Customers can take these recommendations and implement them into their own policy and process framework documents.

Adapt our software to your IT environment

No two business IT environments are the same. It is next to impossible to build a technology to work with every single solution that supports a business process. SimplifyWireless provides our customers with a way to adapt our technology to their system or business process. Moreover, if you require a function or data element not managed in the platform, SimplifyWireless can provide business analysts, project managers and full-stack developers to adjust our technology to your systems and process.

Outsource the entire mobility experience

Some business customers are taxed with finding IT or mobility resources internally to manage a mobile fleet properly. There is an alternative: to outsource the mobility management to a third party. Through our network of channel partners, we can align you with organizations that are experts in the SimplifyWireless ecosystem. These experts have the resources and industry knowledge to manage your mobility fleet for you. Moreover, since they use SimplifyWireless, the time they spend managing your fleet is efficient and accurate.


Let us take your mobility ecosystem to the next level


Software Support

All customers have software support personnel standing by to help and train you

Business Analysts

Planning and project experts are here to optimize our platform to your business goals

Full Stack Developers

Our software development experts can implement customized changes to our platform

Managed Service Network

Get access to mobility management resources from our channel partners to manage your fleet

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