Consider all the process that EXISTS in mobility

Each request type requires a slightly different workflow

The mobility process comes with many different types of processes, each with a slightly different workflow. Some require a dealer, others need approval, and others are just for internal stakeholders. Knowing who and when to engage is up to you to figure out. Your mobility vendor will always give you a way to make these changes, but you still need to include internal personnel before and after the vendor does their part. Adding to the complexity, your mobility vendor will have different ways to process different changes. Some can be completed in a portal, some by email and others by phone. At the end of the day, it is up to you to develop these processes and workflows.



Yes, but only for certain requests

During the mobility process, there are instances when a request will have a financial impact. Large organizations have business processes that require approval from the department owner. These impacts could be a one-time purchase or an addition to the monthly expense. This adds to the complexity of the workflow by adding another step in the process. ITSM systems are often used to manage the approvals but they do not manage the approval nuances that come with mobility. SimplifyWireless engages the approver only when they are required and there is an impact for the expense.




You should, but rarely is it done

Wireless devices have a shelf life and it is vital you reuse this investment as quickly as possible. The process to retrieve an old device is just as important as purchasing a new $1,000 device. This is $1,000 your organization doesn’t have to spend setting up a new employee. Large mobility fleets with high employee turnover have been plagued with this process paradox forever. Wireless coordinators need to get services to employees as quickly as possible but don't have a good process (often Excel spreadsheets) to manage the device inventory. SimplifyWireless makes it easy for your wireless coordinators to retrieve and reuse device inventory, saving on capital expenses.


It’s important to keep your carrier and finance department on the same page

When paying and reconciling the mobility bill each month, your finance department uses the information in the mobility bill to allocate costs to various departments and users. If you do not give the wireless provider up-to-date information, your finance department now is required to identify and insert this information manually. The reality is the finance department has no intimate knowledge of the mobility fleet and has no context into what is accurate or what has changed. With SimplifyWireless, you no longer manage the cost allocation process with the wireless provider because the required cost coding is captured during the process and saved automatically to your inventory.


It's another process with your IT department

Most large wireless fleets use MDM technology to deploy services and protect the data used on these devices. Whenever there is a change in the device, the IT department needs to be engaged to administer these services. The MDM needs to wait until the new device is active on the mobile network and is usually the last step in the process. Wireless coordinators sometimes have access to the MDM to make changes or they create a ticket in their ticket management system. Regardless, it is still a task that needs to be completed to get wireless services up for your employee. With SimplifyWireless, the MDM is included in the workflow process when there is a new or changed device.

There are too many people, using too many systems, with too much process. It’s no wonder you don’t have mobility governance.


Align Resources

All your stakeholders, including your vendors, have a place to manage mobility

Standardize Processes

Manages and control all your mobility processes

Streamline Systems

Control the data for all other systems in your mobility ecosystem

Simplify Reporting

Receive reporting on the three pillars of expense: airtime, hardware and processing