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We are a proud Canadian technology provider  

Our customers operate large mobility fleets throughout Canada. Regardless of the nature of your business, if you have a large mobility fleet, your challenges are all the same. SimplifyWireless has combined all the industry best practices to provide our customers with a better way to manage mobility.

Canadian Public Sector 

Federal & Provincial Governments

Back in 2012, the first iteration of SimplifyWireless was built for the Government of Alberta. Just like other large provincial and federal mobility fleets, the support they receive from their mobility operator is just as important as the quality/cost of the network they choose to use.

SimplifyWireless enables large governments to streamline their bidding and operational process with their wireless provider. We remove the need for the carrier to deliver support tools that are often custom-built to support the contract. Unlike the mobility providers with their “consumer-first” tools, SimplifyWireless effortlessly manages the complexity that exists in government-operated mobility fleets and is available through the existing agreements you have with your wireless providers.

Government Agencies, Boards & Crowns

It’s common for agencies, boards and crown corporations to leverage the mobility agreement negotiated by the federal or provincial government they work within. This allows smaller entities to purchase in numbers and ensures they receive the best price available. The cost to support their mobility fleet is often overlooked and is still left up to the entity to develop and maintain. SimplifyWireless is an out-of-the-box solution that supports the government agreement these entities use for their mobility services.

Cities & Municipalities

Just like the agencies, boards and crown corporations, municipalities also have access to the mobility agreement negotiated by their provincial government. Large municipalities often have more complex mobility requirements and have the most stringent bidding and transparency protocols in Canada. Everything needs to be accounted for and needs to be audit-ready at a moment’s notice. SimplifyWireless removes the need for cities to make large technology investments to keep it all together. SimplifyWireless provides a robust technology that accounts for every device, subscription, and process the city needs to manage.

Health Care

Large healthcare facilities use thousands of devices throughout their care network. Most hardware is assigned to positions rather than specific employees, which makes it challenging to keep track of all the hardware. Pagers are still a big part of hospital operations, though they are now starting to be phased out by technology that is considerably more expensive. SimplifyWireless provides healthcare facilities with complete and cost-effective lifecycle management of your wireless technologies.

Law Enforcement

When you stop and think about how many devices and wireless connections a police officer needs in their daily routine, you’ll realize they are likely the most connected profession. Commonly known as the “Connected Officer,” personnel utilize body cams, a smartphone, and a two-way radio. Additionally, their police cruiser will have redundant internet access with multiple modems and connections, adding up to five different devices for a single officer. SimplifyWireless provides an innovative system that manages all this hardware, connections, and assignments. That’s why law enforcement chooses SimplifyWireless time and again because there is just no other system that can manage this complexity.

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Canadian Private Sector 

Home & Long-Term Care

The smartphone has become an essential tool for home health care and long-term care employees. Without a device, the employee is unable to perform their daily duties effectively. The industry is plagued with high employee turnover, which adds to the complexity and volume of devices that need to be returned and re-deployed. SimplifyWireless gives these privately run organizations an easy way to track and maintain their wireless technologies with little to no downtime.

Service Companies

Service companies all have their own unique challenges depending on the service they provide. What is common is that they all have multiple locations with field staff dispersed throughout the country or province. Most service companies leverage industry-specific applications to manage their staff when they are in the field. SimplifyWireless provides service companies with a better way to procure, program, and deploy devices to ensure the field team members are ready to take on their day.


The transportation industry has become remarkably high-tech in its managing dispatch and maintenance. Delivery personnel all leverage smartphones or industry-specific scanners to dispatch and track the packages on route. The trucks in large logistic companies also have AVL and other IoT solutions to track the vehicle and maintenance schedules. SimplifyWireless gives transportation companies a way to manage all the solutions and hardware involved in day-to-day life. Even owner-operator firms require company-specific wireless solutions for their daily business needs. SimplifyWireless provides the transportation industry with a way to effortlessly track who has what.




The banking industry tends to hold hundreds of separate billing accounts with their wireless provider. This is done to isolate wireless expenses in an effective way. The downside to this approach is each billing account needs to be paid separately, which adds time each individual employee needs to spend to manage their mobility connections. Moreover, when billing accounts are isolated, banks cannot take advantage of account pooling across their entire mobility fleet. Before SimplifyWireless, there was no easy way for banks to consolidate mobility services to each of their departments. Now, banks can enjoy a streamlined mobility management process while allowing them to take advantage of volume discounts.


In this day of e-commerce, the brick-and-mortar retail industry needs to control their bottom line more than ever. It’s common for retail organizations to deploy smartphones to their senior managers and front-line staff to manage inventory. Moreover, larger retail outfits deploy wireless POS terminals and POS failover connections for each location. SimplifyWireless streamlines the management of the hardware and connections, saving valuable resourcing time.

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