Receive a free 90-day trial pre-loaded with your wireless subscribers

Getting set up with SimplifyWireless has never been easier. All it takes is one bill from your wireless provider to get started. From there you will receive full access to SimplifyWireless to organize your fleet, make changes with your carrier, make purchases with your dealer, and run reports.

What you get

  90-day full feature access to SimplifyWireless

  Ability to manage one wireless provider

  One month of billing imported from your wireless provider 

  Unlimited change requests to your wireless provider

  Unlimited purchases of wireless devices

  Assign your employees to wireless subscriptions and devices

  Assign your departments to wireless subscriptions and devices

  Access to subscriber, hardware, and process reporting 

How to qualify

  You must have a verified Rogers, Bell or TELUS business wireless account with a minimum of 100 wireless subscribers

  You must be authorized to access the business wireless account to receive an electronic copy of your latest bill

What to expect after you register

  We will verify your account with your wireless provider

  We will send you a basic configuration form

  We will create an environment for your organization

  We will invite you to log in and start using SimplifyWireless


      Please provide your information to get started


      Free Trial FAQs

Dynamic Form

I use more than one wireless provider. Which do I choose?

It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Most customers pick the carrier that has the lion’s share of subscribers in your fleet. Others select the carrier they are most likely to bill our service through, and others are experiencing process and reporting challenges they want SimplifyWireless to solve. Once you have a paid license with SimplifyWireless, we will install all your mobility carriers into the platform.

I have more than one billing account with my wireless provider. Which do I choose?

It doesn't matter. All we need is an account that associates your business with your mobile operator. Most customers use the primary BAN they have with their carrier.

I am not the authorized account holder for my business account. What do I do?

To get setup with SimplifyWireless, we require authorization from the account prime that manages your wireless carrier. If you are not the authorized account holder, please indicate who is. Your mobility provider will verify with the authorized account holder that you want to try SimplifyWireless.

How do you verify my business wireless account with my provider?

We work very closely with all mobility operators in Canada. We will contact your carrier account manager to verify your business mobility account and the authorized account holder provided in this form. If you are not the authorized account holder, we will also contact that individual to request permission to begin your free trial.

Any other questions before we start?

Why not book a free consultation with one of our wireless experts to get to know us better

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