All wireless expenses fall into one of three pillars: airtime, hardware and processing

You may be shocked to hear that your monthly bill from your wireless provider only represents about a third to a half of your total mobility expenses. Over the years, wireless providers have improved plans to eliminate sticker-shock bills with unlimited plans and capped services. The focus on mobility reporting is still centred around the airtime bill. It’s typical for any mobility provider to give their customers large dumps of data, leaving it up to the customer to find cost-containment measures within this information. The best way to contain wireless costs is to be better organized by having the tools to provision services with your mobility provider. SimplifyWireless is designed to report the three pillars of expense to all departments in your organization.


Capturing the mobility data is next to impossible

Given all the systems in your mobility environment, it’s next to impossible to collect and measure data. Business customers tend to forgo mobility governance and cost containment entirely because it’s just too much work. The time it would take to gain control would cost just as much as the savings an untrained eye could detect. SimplifyWireless eliminates the need to manually capture data use and presents the data as soon as the wireless bill is received each month.


The device is not accounted for

The reality is that $0 cell phones have evolved to $1,000 supercomputers that we cannot live without. The cost of the device should not be confused with subscription airtime services. This is a capital expense even though you are making payments on your mobility bill. Proper inventory management is vital to protecting this investment, which is why you are still using Excel spreadsheets or rudimentary data management services like SharePoint to track your inventory. Technology management practices in most major organizations fall short of proper inventory management. SimplifyWireless assigns devices to subscriptions, employees, and surplus locations. Everything is centred around a device and is what SimplifyWireless does best.


There is no process to hold the employee accountable

Holding employees accountable is expensive. To do so, you must make a policy, manage overage each month, and keep inventory of the hardware you have provided. This is a lot of work for a wireless coordinator. Most employers do not provide employees with their part of the bill each month. This is because the bill is provided in a consolidated format from your carrier. One of the biggest disconnects in mobility management is the assignment of devices and wireless subscriptions to active employees. The first of its kind, SimplifyWireless provides a carrier-agnostic provisioning system that holds your employees accountable and provides transparency for all.


Solve your mobility challenges with software, not expensive resources

Align Resources

All your stakeholders, including your vendors, have a place to manage mobility

Centralize Information

Control the data for every system in your mobility ecosystem 

Standardize Processes

Manages and control all your mobility processes

Manage Governance

Receive reporting on the three pillars of expense: airtime, hardware and processing