CBI Health Group Chooses SimplifyWireless

Published by: Peter Dobbs

CBI has had challenges properly overseeing its growing fleet of computers, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices using the traditional asset and wireless management tools. This problem is compounded by the nature of the healthcare industry and its shift workers.

CBI Health Group is one of the largest providers of community healthcare services in Canada. They offer physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise and behavioral therapies, as well as physician, chiropractic, vocational, nursing, speech, massage and home health services.

Operating from over 150 locations across Canada, CBI has had challenges properly overseeing its growing fleet of computers, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices using the traditional asset and wireless management tools. This problem is compounded by the nature of the healthcare industry and its shift workers.

CBI has employed many different tools to help organize and support their processes utilizing makeshift management systems, ticketing systems, and vendor e-procurement tools. However, these systems were disjointed and forced CBI to do a great deal of manual work and go through long and expensive reconciliation to correctly understand their wireless fleet and its related costs. Ultimately this ended up being a very expensive way to operate their wireless fleet.

CBI didn’t want to re-engineer all of their processes and was happy with their fulfillment partners. They just needed a proper end-to-end system that brought all of the pieces together.

That’s what SimplifyWireless delivered and then some!

The top 10 reasons why companies like CBI love Simplify Wireless:

1. SimplifyWireless manages and automates the wireless process from the purchase request to cancellation. This business automation ensures that Simplify Wireless is accurate and removes all the time-consuming, manual processes enabling resources to focus on other initiatives. Simplify Wireless manages communication with the MDM, so no additional manual follow-up is required during on-boarding or when changes come up.

2. SimplifyWireless centralizes wireless workflow and controls, providing the ability to view the entire organization in depth quickly. Administrators can see every device, user and subscription and all related purchases, changes, and history in summarized and granular detail. This insight makes it easy to plan resources and make better business decisions avoiding costly errors.

3. SimplifyWireless enables companies to get significantly more life out of each device. Having clear inventory visibility and tools to allow simple re-assignment and storage creates a culture of device reusability and stretches the average device lifespan by as much as 40%.

4. SimplifyWireless enables connectivity to a business’ HR systems with advanced rules that can enable forecasting of shift worker turnover, triggering employee off-boarding workflows.

5. SimplifyWireless automates wireless expense reconciliation. Device and wireless subscription purchases are created in the system for delivery or pickup, and all carrier billing data is automatically imported. Every subscription is mapped to the appropriate cost codes during the procurement process and SimplyWireless controls all cost code changes. When it’s time to reconcile, the billing data and hardware purchases are already mapped to the appropriate cost codes. It takes a few seconds to generate summarized or extremely detailed spending and usage reports that are beautifully formatted in Excel.

6. SimplifyWireless enables businesses to implement much more advanced expense controls. The realized savings isn’t limited to the wireless bill; it also includes hardware purchases. SimplifyWireless enables workflow approvers to instantly see the entire history of a device, user, and subscription. This includes their billing data, but more importantly it includes the user's entire purchase history and visibility of unallocated inventory across multiple locations allowing for better decision making in real-time.

7. SimplifyWireless is more than just a management system; it is every employee’s individual wireless manager. Each employee can log in and see their devices, make purchases and change requests that route to their appropriate administrator and track the status of their requests. It also enables employees to see their billing information including usage overages. This creates a much greater sense of personal accountability helping to keep costs in check.

8. SimplifyWireless controls the entire purchase process. It is integrated with the wireless carrier, MDM and fulfillment partners presenting customized product catalogs by location and department as well as real-time pricing and inventory. Businesses never need to go outside of SimplyWireless to generate a purchase for new devices and subscriptions or to perform hardware upgrades. Once a purchase or change request is approved it is automatically routed through the workflow communicating with the carrier, MDM and fulfillment partners, 100% hands off.

9. SimplifyWireless is integrated with and can be provided by the wireless carrier or wireless dealer. Businesses are able to continue to work with their preferred vendors in a way that is much more organized because each vendor has enough access to SimplifyWireless to properly complete their workflow requirements without having to pick up the phone or email administrators.

10. SimplifyWireless provides no-cost customer on-boarding and can be up-and-running in just a few weeks. The SimplifyWireless team organizes and directs the customer on-boarding experience removing the complexity and streamlining the process. It develops and releases quarterly upgrades to the system at no additional cost to businesses. The SimplifyWireless team are experts in the wireless space, so businesses don't have to be. The team is enthusiastic and responsive to enhancement requests ensuring each new release presents better time-and-cost savings and usability improvements.

Wireless management and all of the tools and terms in the market today can be very confusing. Ultimately a business’ goal is to find a system that can provide controls to drive down expenses, govern the entire process and enable it to have a low-cost manageable and repeatable wireless policy.

SimplifyWireless is a high ROI, industry leading end-to-end Mobility Management System. Leveraging SimplifyWireless, CBI has realized significant operational improvements, cost savings and wireless expense control.